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 Who Killed Football



who killed football for me? There was a time when I used to save my thanksgiving turkey for "Superbowl Sunday" but now I don't know who is on what team or which team is the rival of another. Who killed football? was it the big money? The highest bidder can have a football team or have a stadium named by them. The Average Joe cannot afford a ticket....he has to take out a mortgage for season passes. was it cable tv? with Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday Night games.....I don't know who's playing when.......I'm still very angry that cable took my abc monday night football games away from me. was it the players? If the money's there, then Players are just as entitled as owners. But there is not as much loyalty to a team as there is loyalty to money. I have difficulty placing my loyalty to my team player who i know may be tommorows nemisis Football is a seasonal tv program.....just look at the superbowl. Why is it Super? Most people watch not because a team deserves to be there, but because of the half time show....or the commercials. It's amazing how you can take four 15 min quarters and turn it into a 6 hour program of announcers yakking about how great they is no longer reality tv. it is a processed homogonized show. Let's replace football with something more say, Roller Hockey.