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thumbnail : It is no wonder that today we have a name for it AdHD. It has been bred into us on a daily basis with the overstimulation of TV and video games. these seem harmless.(even under the disguise of educational programs) . We do not ingest them orally, inhale them or use a patchThey are, non-the-less, driven directly into the brain like a drug and accepted as normal. Have you sat and watched a tv program closely? The camere is constantly showing different views at a rate of 1 view change every 5 to 10 seconds. Multiply that by a 1 hour program and then by how many hours a day in front of the tv and its staggering. The real world dosen't work that way and yet we wonder why little johnny is all wound up. Its no better for the adults. Have you watched a CNN program? They have the main program jumping from News story to news story, and if there happens to be 4 secs of boredom, for us we can always watch the banner at the bottom to give our short attention spans a fix .


 Cell Phones


thumbnailToday it seems you can't go anywhere without using a cell phone. How did we survive without them!!
It's ironic that we have answering machines and voice mail to help intercept our calls so as not to
inconvenience ourselves......but we carry around cell phones.  Cell phones are the inconvenient 
convenience.  I remember waiting in a very long  line at Movie Gallery just to ask a question about a
                      video, So I called the store while I was standing in line. The employee answered the phone before serving
                      all the people in the line ahead of me. For some reason we are compelled to answer our cell phones before
                     any other business at hand. As if it were some overpowering beckon that we couldn't humanly resist.
                     Usually you can figure out the importance of the call from the one sided conversation:
                          "Nuthin.....what are you doing....."                       


The Internet


thumbnail20 years ago no one would've guessed the importance of the internet.  It has become the
identification of the world. It has been an advantage for communication  and information sharing . But not without  cost.  When George Orwell wrote his book "1984" he envisioned a world of control by "Big Brother".  Everyone shunned the thought of such a horrible concept  and yet we willing welcome this idealism into ourr homes on a daily basis.